Checking in and a question (edited)

hi Boys! I hope you all are doing well. I've been ok, looking for work and knitting. I miss Germany and hope that I will be able to go back next spring.

I have finally finished knitting up the sweater for Ruben. It has saddle shoulders and didn't turn out too horrible although I have found some mistakes and he wants me to leave them in for whatever reason. This is only my second sweater and the other one was completely different from the first. I'm really unsure what method I should use for seaming. I saw somewhere that for a sweater like this one that's kind of heavy that it should be seamed using a crochet method.

Before diving in I though I would come and ask you boys for advice. Guide me oh wise ones ^^


Oh and I forgot to add, I have a few invites for google wave if anyone is interested just drop me a pm with your email address and I'll send out one to you, I have 10 to give away.


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Scroll down a bit and watch Andy do it on video ( Really interesting. Queer Joe has a spot on his blog as well showing how to seam a sleeve with a crochet hook ( Good to hear from you and hope you get back to Germany soon.

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Thank you! I will check these out, I'm hoping to have it all finished up and sent off to Germany in time for it to arrive for xmas.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I do at least three different types of seaming stitches when I'm sewing up a sweater:

- For the shoulder seam, I use 3-needle bind off (on the wrong side)
- For the side seams...if I'm seaming together two pieces of stockinette stitches, I use a mattress stitch (on the right side)
- For attaching the arms to the body, I use a crochet slip stitch (on the wrong side)

If I'm seaming specific pattern stitches, I might vary any or all of these!

Good luck, and we need pictures!