Escapades in Learning to Knit: Knitting from the Back

I proudly took my first knitting project to the Men’s group yesterday. I was a bit early, so I sat and worked on it a bit. I think it is coming along at a rather nice pace.

Frank came and I taught him the basic of crochet. I think he got the hang of it. I know there was one point when I said something about which way the yarn over was to be done and it came across as it simply isn’t done that way. (You can do it that way, but your stitches turn out a bit differently. Not that it is wrong, but it produces a different pattern.).

Later on in the session, I asked about casting on to the needles for knitting. I showed them how I did it. Either Frank or Bart said it was the primitive method for casting on. I giggled. This is the way I was taught, so, heck I didn’t know any better. Both of them showed me the long tailed cast on they both use. It was easy once I did a few stitches to cast on.

Later, I asked the question: Am I doing this right? I got the look like it isn’t done that way. We all giggled. I know silly us. But it seems that I knit and purl backwards or from the back side of the stitch. This simply isn’t done. They both looked at the scarf and found nothing really wrong with the stitches. It looked right. Maybe because I did both stitches backwards, it all worked out just fine. Leave it to me to learn something backwards. And, I didn’t do my edges properly so the roll. I will do a crocheted border to compensate for that.

I decided that the next time Steve or John was in, mainly because they both knit continental, I would ask them. Frank and Bart do the English method. So, it is a bit different.

It seems, however, I always do things backwards. After this scarf, I will have to re-train myself to come from the front of the stitches. I will be creating loads of little squares for a blanket.


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The scarf was in fact looking great! You should definitely post of pic when done... What an adventure we had Sunday!! :-) Thanks again for getting me started on crochet!


Ahhh...I wish I was there!

I wonder if you are doing the stitch ktbl (knitting through the backloop)?

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I think that is what Frank said. I do everything from the back instead of the front.

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Oh Brady...Don't get too upset over how you approach your knitting. As long as you are consistent, the fabric will come out okay. I had one friend who always had Knit and Purl mixed up. Literally. As I told her, "If you do it the same way every time, things will work out just fine." Good to hear you're trying knitting. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.