Yarn it is

Woo Hoo, I finally got the wool fiber I was working with spun and plyed into at least 117 yards of  2 ply yarn.  I lost count at 117 yards but it is at least that.  That's a lot of yarn.  Then my next step is to dye it in a rainbow colourway hopefully.  Just got these gaywool dyes to work with in daisy, orchid and cornflower.  Can't wait to see how it comes out.  Then I got to make something with it, which will probably be some hats.  Since that is what I usually make or maybe one of those multidirectional scarfs.  Not sure yet but will let you know.  : )


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I was intrigued by "multidirectional scarf" and was going to ask for more info...but I just found your other post.  Sounds interesting.

That scarf is a really fun make and there are other ways of using the technique that I'm going to explore, like for hats and maybe a sweater.  Have you ever made one of the multi-directional scarfs before?

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I haven't made one of these scarves...after 12 years of knitting, I'm just finishing my first scarf (I've been a knitter for 12 years...I haven't been knitting the scarf for 12 years, although at times it feels like it).

The scarf looks a lot like entrelac, which is knitted squares that change direction.  (You start with a row of triangles to give a straight cast-on edge).

I'm actually enjoying the scarf I'm knitting and looking for more scarf projects.  I may add this one to my list.

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Figuring multidirectional is slightly different than sideways.  I often knit my scarves sideways on the diagonal cause I favor that look.  Works well with varigated yarns.  Have to cast on 200 + stitches but only need to do anywhere from 45 to 66 rows depending on your desired width.

Back east I teach workshops on how to do it and enjoy it a great deal.

Let me know what mutlidirectional consists of.  Is it entrelac - which I have not tried yet.

Happy knitting.