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ok so I am getting closer to having this sweater done. I have seamed the sleeves on, and almost finished with the ribbing collar. The instructions simply say to do a k1p1 ribbing for 8cm then to fold the collar in half and graft it to the neck. Yet another thing I have never done. It doesn't say to bind the stitches off, just to graft them. I have searched around for a tutorial but really can't find anything that explains how to do this. Guide me once again oh wise ones.

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You need to bind the stitches off first. Then, fold the color inwards and stitch it down to the inside. Basically, you'll be making the collar twice as tall as you need so you have enough to fold over towards the inside. Hope that helps. By the way, this collar technique makes for the best sweater collar, in my humble opinion.

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Yes, this is very easy to do. You would be knitting your collar twice as high as you want it because it will be folded in half. No, you do not bind it off!! You will GRAFT it to the body on the inside, or you can simply stitch the live stitch to one stitch on the body and go back and forth. You want a stretchy finish here -- binding off will not allow you that stretch.

What I would suggest, if you insist on doing the 1/1 rib, to make it the height you want, and then do a turning purl row (or is it 2 rows?). Then continue with the ribbing, BUT reverse the order-- knit the purl and purl the knit you did before. That is so that the ribs fit into each other, and you get a better looking collar. Just a little trick. Try it on a sample to see if you like that effect.

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Actually, I've never had a problem with lack of stretchiness. I always bind off the stitches. But maybe someday (if I ever knit another sweater), I'll try it via your method.

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I'm really unsure of the grafting method. when I searched around all I came up with was stuff like kitchener stitch, 3 needle bind off and the mattress stitch, but nothing that showed how to graft live stitches to other stitches in this way.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

It¡s easy to graft the stitches. Once you know how to do it you can do it straight from the circular needle, but for a first time try this: thread the stitches onto a different coloured thread, turn the collar down (better to turn the sweater inside out) then just catch each stitch down at the point where you picked up stitches for the neck. Make sure you don't pull the stitches too tight. I, personally, never do a purl row at the fold over point because it folds over nicely anyway. Good luck with it.