health update

thanks again for all the warm kindness shown toward my health. the update is 6 long hours of surgery, none of which i remember, were apparently successful. why then do i feel like an assault victim :) i am home now and weak but getting better.

thanks again


Good to hear the surgery was successful. My best wishes for a speedy return to full health.

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Glag things are looking brighter. Hope the recovery is speedy.

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Best wishes for a fast recovery. Hope you can knit and/or read.

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Glad to hear the news- hope you knit up well!

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That's good news, what a relief! Best wishes for a quick complete recovery!

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Good news indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are flashing those knitting needles in no time

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Very good to hear. Know that we're all here pulling for your speedy recovery.

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Great news! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.



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Great to hear you're home!
hope you have people papmering you and taking care of you!

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Many blessings!

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Thanks for the good news! We've been on pins and needles. Welcome home and get well soon.

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Great news, heal well.

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healing thoughts headed your way....

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Hope your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

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So good to hear, thanks for the update!

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Let's count our blessings that you DON'T remember those six hours of surgery.

Heal well.

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Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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Good to hear that surgery went well and that you are home, resting and recovering.

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Schew!! I'm glad it all went well and that you're home. How long until you can have a cocktail?

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my doc thinks wine and vicodin is not a bad thing since i can't drive for two weeks anyway
all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things

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thank you all once again for your kindness and support.

i think tomorrow may be the resumption of knitting if i can find a position to sit in that doesn't hurt too much.

all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things