want a polished aluminum cast yarn bowl?

I have ONE as a prize for a raffle that's explained on my blog:


check it out - and PLEASE enter! I'm asking only $2.62 donations (in honor of the 26.2 miles I'll be running in the Los Angeles Marathon!)

and PLEASE pass on the link -

thank you!!!

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Thanks for your blog link. I wanted to let you know that your Etsy link on the blog is incorrect. You left one of the l's out of "william" in the URL. :-)

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Great Idea Kyle. Your commitment to this challenges me to get my weight behind some new project now. It has been a while. Thanks for posting this! - Phil

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A great opportunity for us to make a difference.

I hope that Kyle's site gets a lot of traffic from us guys. A lot of us lived through the first wave of the AIDS crisis ..... Organizations like the one that Kyle is running for are trying to ensure that we will never live that again. I wonder what the donations might look like if each of us who lost someone in the pandemic made a modest contribution to help one of our own be visible in this attempt to make a difference.

Kyle I hope that you have a MWK T-shirt that you can wear when you run!


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