Scheduled General Chat . .

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to the poll about a scheduled chat session.   55 people voted . . double what I had expected . . and 51% indicated that they either want a scheduled chat or often check the chatroom when they log on to MWK.

So, the first scheduled GENERAL CHAT will be scheduled for this Thursday, August 3rd, 10PM  EASTERN- until whenever.  This way, hopefully, you will know that if you log into the chatroom then, someone should be here to chat with you.  Chat about whatever you like.  It will just be a way for everyone to meet, especially the new members.

Thanks, also to Gryphon who set up the scheduled CLOG CHAT for tonight/evening.  If these things work out, hopefully we will see more.  Also, this is just a start, so there will no doubt be problems with times in all the different time zones around the world.  Hopefully in time, those issues can be worked around. There is also the issue of the quality of the chatbox, so if anyone has other suggestions, post it.

I will be logging on late Thursday, but hope to be here.  I hope everyone who reads this blog post will also be there, and let your friends know, too.



Chris Vandenburg's picture

Hey Doug,

When you order "General Chat" does that come with fried rice?  Will be there.   Chris

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

Parrot's picture

and an eggroll, with chopsticks ..  use the chopsticks as knitting needles!  Will look forward to seeing you there, Chris!