Glad to be here, Men!

Good evening, men.  I've been knitting for some time, but have just recently discovered the joys of knitting socks!

Of course, I expect to be motivated to push myself into other areas of knitting once I hear and see what you all are doing!

When's the next chat, by the way?



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Hi Gene, and welcome to MWK!  You've discovered a great site for support and fun with all things "knitty".

I attended a class last night to learn how to knit socks.  It was the first of three sessions and so far, so good.  We learn how to turn the heel next week.  I never thought I'd be one to knit socks, but I took the plunge and am enjoying it so far.  I may very well get addicted to sock knitting as I'm finding out other things about my benign hobby like my WIP's continue to grow and my stash is now pushing the limits of its defined space.  (Defined by hubby, not me, even though I did agree to the initial space not realizing how foolish that was nor how addictive this hobby is.)

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addictive?!? Nonsense! I can quit anytime I want - but maybe not until I finish that shawl; and Knitpicks has the new silk/wool sock yarn. And I really would like to felt a few clogs first...

But I can quit anytime I want! Honest!

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Welcome to the group.  What needles/yarn are you using...dpn's, circs?


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Welcome . . This site is as addictive as knitting itself.  The next .  and first GENERAL CHAT is scheduled for this Thursday, 10PM EASTERN.  We are just experimenting with scheduled chats, so any input you have will be appreciated.

Hope to see you Thursday night!


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Welcome, Gene, . . I LOVE knitting socks! ...working on Kilt socks for me right now... where in California are you... I'm in San Francisco... Bill