yarn bowl contest update and another idea...

I love Phil's idea - running in a MWK tshirt - I could do that... if you boys want to help me raise enough to cover it... the shirts run around $50 with printing/shipping - the logo couldn't be HUGE - it'd have to be maybe 4" across on the upper part of my chest - to keep room for the running label.

I am currently at $2743.80 in my fundraising efforts - I was hoping to get over $3000.00 with the yarn bowl contest - I hope since it's Christmas Eve (if my friends on MWK are around) you might each be sure that you entered the contest, and then that you email ALL your knitting friends who might like a cast aluminum yarn bowl. Tell them that one of your friends is training to run the Los Angeles Marathon and doing his best to raise money to save lives!

Here's what I'll do. IF we can get my total to be over $3000.00 by December 26th, I WILL HAVE A PERFORMANCE RUNNING SHIRT CUSTOM PRINTED WITH THE MWK LOGO AND WEAR IT AT THE 25TH LA MARATHON! - properly representing my friends and knitting family!

I'm a pretty lucky guy - I have been able to be involved in the HIV crisis without losing too many of my own friends... however, I have had the opportunity to work with the NAMES project and accept quilt panels from those who had lost friends, lovers and family. It's a harsh reality that there is no cure.

The most important thing we can offer is compassion, and that's what I find at AIDS Project Los Angeles - they have 3 dental services (2 offices and even one mobile clinic) that help keep up the oral health of clients which aids in keeping them healthy... they offer amazing "meals on wheels" which are designed for people living with HIV or AIDS - not to mention all the counseling, prevention, education, testing... the list goes on and on.

I know I haven't been on here knitting lately - but I am focusing some of my extra time on this cause that I feel is so important.

If you want to make a donation just to donate, please do so - give big - it's tax deductible, your money goes immediately to help the clients of APLA and it gets me a tiny bit closer to my goal of $5,000. If my MWK buddies push me past $3K I'll only have $2,000 left to earn in the next 3 months...

Thank you for reading - and for donating - and for posting my links to your pals