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Panna Frost shawl

This is my first entry on your web page. I have just joined.

This shawl was hand manipulated on my SK 360 knitmaster. It took forever to do, but just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

Also glad to have found other male knitters, lol.


Circular needles,

Hi All,,

I have just discovered and tried circular needles, and find the much better than ordinary straight ones,

Does any one have any tips that will help me when using them, (I will not be knitting circular with them)

Does anyone have any experience with "Addi" kniting needles.


Open knitting

Open source clothing printer

Progress of sweater skills


3 year old Raglan Jumper

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Is there no retreat for this year in the Southeast?? I'm not finding any info.

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Sweater Design Suggestions, Please

Hi guys,

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My rarely-update knitting blog has a post about MFKR 2015

I just updated my knitting blog with photos from MFKR 2015. Simpaw Knits

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August socks are done.

I finished that pair of socks on August 31st, just barely under the deadline. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out and hope my friend enjoys them. No pictures are posted because I forgot them this morning. I'll remedy that within a couple of days and possibly post a sneak preview of the September socks. They are knitting up superbly in Manos del Uruguay "Alegria" - some of the softest sock yarn I've ever worked with.

[By the is absolutely fabulous to have my tag line return to my replies and comments. Thanks, Darrel.]