What I've been up to

It's been a long time away. Currently a potter who knits on the side. Yes, yarn bowls and things to store needles and notions. The things on my needles: Finishing a sweater for my mom. Finishing a Scarf made of tiny crocheted skulls (It just needs to be sewn together), and one of my favorite sweaters that needs retailoring and repair.

ideas for my nephew please

My mom knitted all the time when we kids were young, and one winter we nagged her to teach us. My brothers and I knitted for years, I have done some as an adult but it's been a long time. I have a nephew in his mid-20's who was diagnosed with schizophrenia some years ago. He lives in a small town where there is little for him to do. He's under county guardianship and on meds but occasionally gets into trouble if he has a few beers (starts obsessing, panic attacks, delusions, ends up in hospital).


Happy New Year....and a question.

Hi everyone -

I hope you have all had a lovely Holiday Season [whichever tradition you celebrate] and have a Blessed New Year. I've received many lovely gifts - many of them fiber related - and hope you have as well.

Now - the question...

What (or Who) inspired you to learn the great art/craft of knitting?