Almost finished

These socks were knitted with two strands of laceweight 2ply merino Marta's Yarns , she dyes her own yarns. The turquoise I bought by mistake (keying error) so I knitted it with the purple to tone down the colour a bit. The pattern is Nancy Bush's generic sock.

Work is too much

Work has been keeping me so busy that I have not even got a chance to come here and blog or even just come here and look around... It has gotten to the point where I am so tried after work that I do not even feel like knitting.. I know scary.... However they have hired someone else to help take some pressure off.. Which means soon I will be able to knit again... Yeah...

Well Later

Eeek! A steek!

Well, actually there are 3 steeks + 5 tubes in this jumper. As many of you know, I’m up-skilling my knitting and I’ve been researching steeks. I finally found enough information to give me the courage to give them a go. I am delighted to report that I was successful. I’ll report my journey with this project for those who are interested in trying steeks and hope I’m not preaching to the choir as I imagine many MWK members already use this method.

My inspiration for this jersey came from a British pattern for a WWI serviceman jersey (see attachment 1). I tried to remain faithful to the original design but needed to make some changes. First and foremost, the pattern was written for a slender 19 year old lad just out of boot camp and I’ve not looked like that (if I ever did) for a long time now. The pattern calls for flat, pieced knitting but I did this jumper in the round and seamless. Other than looking at the original photograph, I did not follow the pattern. Rather, I calculated my size by using the E Zimmermann method found in “The Sweater Workshop” by Jackie Fee. I didn’t plan on the drop sleeves (yuch!) and I’m going to try to eliminate that style on my next jersey.

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Okay, so am I CRAZY???

Hello All,

I just registered to the site because I think I'm going crazy ...

I've decided that I am going to "challenge" myself with the Moebius Design. So on that note, I went to my LYS and was talking with the amazing staff ... I bought Cat's first book A treasury of magical knitting, some cheap practice yarn and a LONG circular needle ...

Well ... It's about time to sit down and do some serious figuring out ...

Does anyone have any advice??? I'm thinking a mix of crazy drugs, but I would rather not really go crazy ...


Top down cardi...

I have some fun yarn, bigger gauge than I normally work, but because it is sort of a felted wool and nylon ribbon, it shouldn't be too warm or heavy. Before I go to the trouble of designing my own pattern, does anyone have a link or pattern for a top down cardigan that is sized for a real man (50" chest +4" for room+ 54" chest)?

Ugh. Not enough time for knitting. I'm taking a class in Marketing and production of apparel, and it is really interesting, but VERY macro.... I just want to do the designing and perhaps manufacturing of the models....Not become Columbia sportswear or a supplier thereof. Sigh.

Best wishes and happy knitting.

Gregg's Blanket

OK so I kind of only pretend to know how to knit - it's OK though because I find that the majority of people are easy to fool - I make up blankets using lots of different yarns, and just knitting (no patterns!) and quit when I think it's long enough - I'm learning SLOWLY - and most recently (after starting to hang out at a cute local yarn shop owned by an 88 year old lady) began my first sweater.

It's fun and I look forward to being more creative (after learning how to read patterns!

This blanket was for my partner - I made it about a year ago... he loves PURPLE!


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