Fifteen Days to Freedom

OK - it's not the most intricate or impressive of jumpers so why am I so chuffed about it?  Well, simply put, it's my emancipation proclamation.  I have finally taken control of my knitting and feel like I've entered a new phase of the craft.

I've always wanted to knit in-the-round seamless jumpers but frankly I could never quite figure out Elizabeth Zimmermann's formula.  You need to understand that anything that has to do with ciphers, calculations, percentages, maths and spacial reckoning makes my eyes glaze over; I get so bewildered that I begin to wonder if Alzheimer's Disease has set-in.  Then, luckily for me, Warren told me about the book "The Sweater Workshop" by Jacqueline Fee.  A visit to and the book was mine.  I couldn't believe how clearly she teaches the EZ method (with permission).

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clog one

Well here is clog number one. I stayed up until 12:30 last night trying to get it finished. I still have to weave in the ends. If you look close in the pic you can see that I have a few gaps here and there. I think that this must be related to the fact that I lost my place several times and somehow ended up with a lot more stitches than I was supposed to have. I think I either got confused and made the sole one sized larger than I was supposed to or I lost count and jumped forward somewhere around row 25 to 35.

So what I did was I just kept going until I hit the last stitch from the toe section and then I would knit it together with the one from the heel section, turn and head back the other way. It seems to have worked out OK. But then the nice thing about felting projects is that I figure most problems will go away in the washing cycle (I hope). Of course now that I have strayed from the pattern the challenge will be trying to make the second one look similar to the first.


Hey Guys! I wanted to share a recent sweater that i finished a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post here:

The pattern is "Jarrett" from Rowans "Vintage Knits." I used Rowanspun DK but had to rewrite the pattern to adjust for a finer guage.  The sweater is great and has knitted elbow patches and epaulets (shoulder patches).  I've posted the write up on the blog. Check it out if you want more details.


i'm going to have to use lifelines.  i've started on a hooded pullover and after finishing the ribbing i was sure i was going to blaze away on the back panel........somehow i managed to drop an extraordinary number of stitches so i start ripping back but got carried away and ripped much farther than i had intended.  oh well,  i'm probably going to put in a lifeline every 5 row from now on.   maybe i'll do a clog.....tho' as slow as i've been, lately, it'll take me a year to finish just one.

it sucks that having to work for a living takes sooo much time away from the needles.

"And He'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun....

...... till his daddy takes his needles awaaaaaaay!"

Well it looks as though I have the first tragedy on this group venture.  I normally make a copy of the pattern, throw it in a page protector and use a post-it note to keep track of where I am.  I was out of post-its yesterday and my smart butt thought I could wing it while knitting at work.   Boy was I wrong!  I'm now frogging the upper from row 23.

Next time I'll try dropping bread crumbs as I go through the forest. 

I know some of you have already said, but what yarn y'all using???  Color?  Fiber Content?

One down...

Thought I'd post a pic of the first of (probably) many Christmas stockings for family members. It hasn't been blocked yet, so maybe I can get some up of "lumps" out of the sides... we'll see.But I'm pretty pleased with it. It's amazing what you learn just *doing* a project, huh? Oh... if you squint a little when you look at it, it looks better. heheh

The second pic is of the inside after the ends were woven in. 

Time to start on some clogs!

I'm working on a new scarf design.

I'm trying something new (to me). I've cast on enough stitches to make a scarf, but lengthwise, with scrap yarn. I'm knitting half of the width and casting off. Then I'm knitting up the cast on stitches and going in the other direction. It's a shell-like lace pattern so the pull of the different angles is creating an interesting effect. See pictures of my progress so far here.


My LYS in Virginia Beach is hosting Knit-a-palooza next spring.  The is event consists of a couple days of knitting workshops on different topics.  The information can be found at  Would love to not be the only guy there.