Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

"Learn to Cable" Scarf

I LOVED this pattern when I saw it in the Lion Brand catalog I get. I never had the nerve to attempt it until recently. I had never done any cables, let alone ones that actually separate in such a way. Nevertheless, I tried it (and struggled, initially) with the Spice color yarn (the main pic) and was ultimately very pleased. I then attempted the scarf in the way it was inteneded: bicolor. As I am hoping to sell off some of these scarves back home, I did the second scarf in my old high school colors, red and black. It turned out fantastic (in my opinion)!

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Mohair Mixed

This scarf was knitted using a strand of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight and Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair. I used big-ass needles, too. :-) The attached picture is an experiment I did with a different color of each of the same yarns, but a different stitch (garter). I liked how incredibly different they were just by changing the stitch. THe moonlight hair has a metallic strand in it which doesn't come across very well in the photos.

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Knitted cap

This was my first non-scarf item. It involved my first attempts at increases - or was it decreases? I can't remember. It also involved my first try with seaming, which I did fairly well on until about half way up and started getting a bit uneven.

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Soy Wool Stripes Cable Scarf

I am IN LOVE with this yarn. I love the way it feels, I love the way it works up, I love the colors it comes in. This color was "Natural Green" despite the minimal amounts of green and the inordinately large amounts of orange and yellow. LOL I found this simple but beautiful cable scarf pattern online.

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Still no Shetland wool but I do have another beanie

The parcel from the Shetland Islands still hasn’t arrived with my new knitting wool and I couldn’t go without knitting something. I found this pattern in the back part of a rather seedy yarn shop in a rather seedy part of the city and figured that I could practice stranded knitting on a small but practical project. The pattern is by Peter Gregory of Gregory Kassapian and Partners in the UK. I used a knitting wool made right here on the South Island of New Zealand (Dunedin) called “Rainbow” which I have to say is really nice to work with. It has a nice “spring” to it and is soft to touch. The white ended up a bit whispy so the contrast of the pattern is a bit distorted; the burgundy is colour-fast so no need to wash first. I enjoyed the stranded knitting and found that my technique is improving. Gauge/tension is the real difficulty for me. I think that it took more time to knit just the 2-colour band than to knit the entire rest of the beanie.

I hope my parcel from Jamieson & Smith arrives soon – I can’t possibly do another beanie! Traveling in and out of the Shetland Islands at this time of year can be very difficult; I’m hoping it’s not been delayed by rough weather.

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