Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

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My First Project

This is my very first project! There are some holes here and there and some saggy edges, but I've had fun working on it and hope I improve with the next project.

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Just the beginning

I made these for Christmas gifts. It's the first pattern I came up with. I've made between 20 and 30 hats since October. Not all are this pattern.

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Cabled Alpaca Gloves

These are the men's cabled glove pattern from the little hardcover Vogue Knitting: Mittens & Gloves book. I used Plymouth Indicieta Alpaca (worsted).

I started working on the first pair of these way before the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. I had one of the gloves completed at that time. THe first pair ended up being given to the hubby and I started the second pair with a different style cable up the back for myself.

I don't know whether it's the yarn or the lighting or both, but the cables don't show too well in the pictures. I do apologize for that.

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Granny's Fun Fur Chinchilla Stole

Here's Granny's Fun Fur stole that was a living nightmare to knit (see my blog for more details).

If this doesn't successfully upload, can someone contact me and tell me how to upload a pic? Thanks.

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A fluffy scarf

I made this fluffy scarf as a Christmas gift for a friend who lives in Manhattan. I have to admit this scarf barely has a natural fiber in it! This is the first time I've knitted with novelty yarn. Working in the ends was a bit of challenge because of the bumps in one of the strands. I double strand knitted the scarf on #17 US needles using one strand of bulky weight yarn and one strand of the hairy, bumpy yarn. As you can see, it was hard to get a good sharp picture of the scarf. I'm attaching another photo to try to show a close up detail.

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Some of the 35 hats

Here are some of the 35 hats I've knit during the last 3 months. Sorry the picture isn't real clear. Many of the hats are going to the homeless, some were given as gifts and I even knitted one for myself. Like many of you, very few of the items I knit are for myself.

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The Maggie Seaman's Scarf

This was my first lace work. The picture is prior to blocking. The scarf was designed by Myrna A.I. Stahman, a knit designer who lives in Boise, Idaho. Myrna asked me to knit this piece as part of a memorial project for the coach of the women's army basketball team, who died suddenly in April, 2006. Scarves were knit by many people and sent to the team members in rememberance of their coach.

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Colorful gloves

I just finished these gloves. When I saw the Trekking Color 100, I knew I had to have some of it, but I was thinking at the time I'd make socks. I decided it was too cool to be walking around on all day, so I made some gloves using _The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns_.

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Some recent hats

Here are three of the four hats I've knitted in the past three weeks. The fourth hat has already gone to its new home and I didn't get a picture of it.

I'm attaching another photo to show the raglan decreases. The orange hat is the half dome hat that a number of you guys have knitted. The other two hats are hats from the book, Hip Knit Hats. Please note, there is an error in the pattern in Hip Knit Hats - that's why I have the hat on the right! It's knitted according to pattern. The hat on the left is knitted according to the picture in the book.

Thanks to Justin for his support and for telling me about the book, Hip Knit Hats. Enjoy!

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Mum's Beaver/Scarf

Spent the Bank Holiday week-end at my mother's in Devon.  She bought a nice little jacket so I knocked up this little scarf.  Took exactly one day, so we were both well pleased.

PS.  She's not bad for 74!

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