Jaeger hendrix

This is the finished arm of my latest project, 'Hendrix' by Jaeger.  It's in a fine 4-ply merino wool - very soft.  I have had to alter the pattern as the original cables were 'bound' with an extra stitch made by a yarn over and slipped over the whole cable every couple of rows.  Easy enough and ok on knit rows but unbelievably confusing on the purl. Their absence is barely noticable visually but a hell of a lot easier to knit.

Being fine, this is not a project I'll finish quickly and the detail makes it rather slow anyway. Still, plenty of time before winter!

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Dog Sweater

As most of you know, the UK isn't the warmest of places and so I knot my Yorkshire Terrier, Frank, a jumper to keep warm.  He wasn't a keen model but is now learning to work the runway!  It is a simple pattern but I think the Hand Dyed (not by me!) Blue Faced Leicester wool makes up for it.

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Quick & Easy Cable Vest

This is a Paton's pattern for a V-neck sleeveless vest.  It knits so quickly; it took me less than 4 week's worth of dedicated knitting to make it.  The cable pattern looked to me to be difficult around the neckline but it was actually very simple to do.  There are a couple of points that I would change in the actual pattern if and when I make this again.  For example, the pattern calls for the rib to be done in the same size as the rest of the garment so there is less elasticity.  Also, these patterns are "designed to be a generous fit" which doesn't make for a good look on me.  Baggy clothes look great on trim and slender people but on me and my build they just look sloppy.  I would definitely take some of the extra out of the pattern.

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My first creation

As promised guys. A pic of my first sweater. Its not all that I know, but Im chuffed with it. Learned a lot by making it and know how to do things differently next time. Haven't blocked it yet but will get around to it.

Steve liked it. I think he was just being kind though. Smile

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New sweater

This is the finished sweater I started back in January.  The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran.  The pattern is from Rowan's 'A Yorkshire Fable'.  The yarn is quite heavily flecked and does not show up the cables or pattern very well.  It's basically a Guernsey-style and just right for the warm spring weather we're currently experiencing here in London!

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Hoody 4 Hubby

My Better Half rarely asks me to knit something for him but when he saw this hooded jumper, he had to have it.  It is made with “rare earth” (Aussie) brand dye-free alpaca and superfine merino boucle wool.  The pattern is from “Tasman Designer Yarns Homegrown Collection”.  It took me 8 weeks to knit this up which is a long time considering the simplicity of the pattern.  I think my best friend kept distracting me ;-)  I decided to knit this in a garter stitch instead of the stocking stitch for several reasons.  First, my partner likes his garments loose and large and garter stitch will stretch both length- and width-wise.  Second, garter stitch is warmer than stocking stitch.  Third, garter stitch provides a more flexible fabric.  The only problem was that garter stitch uses more wool than stocking stitch and this garment sucked up the skeins of wool.  It took 23 skeins at $8.95 each – you do the math: this is one expensive hoody!  The pattern is easy-peasy and would be great for a beginner.  The only shaping is at the front collar and a few rows at the top of each sleeve; none at the arms on front and back.  The pattern for the hood itself was completely incorrect.  I’d never knitted a hood before but I was suspicious from the first reading of the pattern.  I made the hood anyway and the pattern for the adult man’s size just barely fit our 11 year old son.  In addition, it was the oddest shape and was very obviously incorrect.  I had no idea how to make a hood.  My computer had just slipped into a coma so I couldn't ask for assistance on MWK so I figured it was time to heed JPaul's advice and just design something by myself.  I decided to just pick up stitches all around the neck line and just knit a hood.  I like the way this made for an invisible seam at the place where the hood meets the collar line.

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