Anniversary V-neck Jersey

Last week was our 25th anniversary (there were times I thought I'd never see it) and I gave the love of my life a V-neck jersey he'd admired in a pattern book.  I secretly knitted it in Sept/Oct '05 and saved it until now.

The jersey is a lovely burgandy wool and done in a rice stitch.  I've taken a close-up photo of the stitch and put the picture in the attachments file.  That picture shows the colour a bit more accurately.  This was my first attempt at working a V-neck and I was surprised to discover how easy that is to knit.  The neckline looks so difficult but as long as one has marked the center stitch, it works up easily.  It is a Patons pattern.  I must say they do some nice men's conservative patterns.  I panicked when I looked at the photo and saw the "flaw" in the lower right hand corner.  I raced for the jersey and was relieved to find out that it was just a product of the light and that the stitches are all fine!

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Dog Sweater

I knit this dog sweater for my aunt's little dog.  Apparently the dog hasn't taken too kindly to the cold weather in the Northwest.  They recently moved from Sacremento, CA.  I don't own a dog, but I have the next best thing, my partner Eddy's Pound Puppy, Buster, who was more than happy to be my model.  He wants to know where HIS sweater is!!!  It is a mock cable pattern that I got from Fiber Trends.  I highly recommend their patterns. Look for their website www.fibertrends.com. I am now working on a cable scarf for myself (for a change !)  I'm almost done with it.  Thanks for all the great feedback and inspiration.

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Red "Woven Cable" Jersey

It took me the last 7 weeks to knit this jersey and I'm here to tell you that knitting it was nothing compared to trying to get a good photograph of it!  The cable stitch presented lighting challanges that an amateur like me just couldn't overcome.  So, I decided to attach another picture which is dark but shows the cable stitch well.  This jersey was knitted in Naturally "Tussock", a NZ wool.  I originally did it in gray last winter (see the second attachment and note that my friend model is 6'4" tall so the sleeves are too short for him) and thought that it would be great in red.  This jersey weighs in at 3# and should provide lots of warmth (or at least weight) this winter.  I do not like seams in a collar and try to avoid them so I knitted the collar in the round on 16"circulars.  That was very difficult considering the short needles and the 3# hanging from them.  I won't make that mistake again.  I finished knitting the gray version last winter just in time for the warm spring weather so I only was able to wear it twice.  I've since decided to knit my jerseys in the summer so I can actually wear them in the winter.

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