Periwinkle and her new cabled sweater vest

This is my one-year-old (almost) Chihuahua in her new blue, cabled sweater vest. It's a pattern from out of "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them." I haven't put on the velcro on the straps (they were safety pinned on in this picture), nor have I blocked it yet. But I learned TONS during this project, including how to CO at the beginning of a row, how to pick up & knit, and how to read ALL THE WAY THROUGH a pattern before blindly jumping in. Ha! She seemed freaked out by this sweater (she normally LOVES her clothes), but I think it's because it's a bit bigger and thicker than most of her other store-bought (read, "Cheap") clothes. I tried to take some larger pictures to show better detail on the cabling, but they didn't turn out.

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Zip up jacket finished

just finished a zip up jacket for my 5 year old nephew just in time for his birthday this week. It's the first time I have tried sewing in a zip and it wasn't too hard. The collar was only supposed to have a couple of rows of the contrasting colour, but I changed it to make the inside all grey instead I think it looks good.

I think it took me longer to sew it all together than it did to knit it!
The pattern I got from a UK magazine Simply Knitting November 2006.
Now back to the throw that I am slowly making progress on.

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Gregg's Sweater in progress

Yesterday was Gregg's 39th birthday, and, since I have been out of town because of my father's passing, I didn't get his sweater completed! I put the half finished item in a box and explained to him that I had been working on this since November of last year - but only at the yarn shop and only on Saturdays - I got stuck and couldn't move forward because I had never attempted a raglan sleve. Now that I see how it works (kind of) it seems pretty easy. Better still, now that he has seen it, I can work on it at home in front of him.

I love the yarn - it's 100% alpaca - self striping -

The pattern is "Avast" from knitty.com - and while I have found a few glitches in the pattern, they were nothing that a moderate knitter such as myself couldn't decipher. (for example, when it is time to join the arms to the sweater, the counts were off for knitting - instead of the directions that were given, I just knit to the bound off part under the arm (on the row before, it was something like p45, bo 4, p 95, bo 4, purl to end) and then knit on the sleeve, when the sleeve was done, I continued past the 4bo section, then the other sleeve in the same fashion. As far as I can tell, it all looks like it's lined up correctly. Only time will tell!

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My Mum's Poncho Designed Jody Long

This is what i designed for my mum who loves poncho's. I designed and knitted it using a Rowan yarn called Plaid, it's a great yarn to work with and grows so fast you won't believe it. Just one day it took me to knit this up.

Jody Long
(Knitwear Designer)

E-mail: jody_designer@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile / Cell: +44 (0)7721712650

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