MWK & our dogs

This is a book I received as a gift. I am currently working on a sweater vest for my dog. I've got the body finished. Now I just have to work on the neck and body straps. Am intimidated by the concept of sewing velcro onto my knitting, but there's a first time for everything!

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Norwegian soccer players knit for fundraiser

I thought that this might interest you folks. If you go to these sites and can read Norwegian, there's an interesting story.



I don't really speak or read Norwegian, but I think that the jist of the story is that two cities' soccer teams (Brann and Sogndal) are waging a competition to raise money (I don't know for which charity) by seeing whose players can knit more yardage of scarves for fans in their team colors. I assume fans in Norway wear scarves with their team colors. Perhaps the scarves will be auctioned to raise money; I don't know. What is neat is that the national radio and television stations are covering the competition,complete with footage of soccer players knitting. (The articles above should have a link to the video I saw).

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It's here!

Yahoo! After having resigned myself to having to wait another day for my knitting wools to arrive, I decided to have just one more check of the front porch. And, there, thanks to the Royal Post (God save the Queen!) was my parcel!

The wools are lovely. The photo doesn’t really show the graduation in shading of some of the colours (like the oatmeal colour). The wools are “harder” feeling than I had expected but I think I read somewhere that they soften when washed. A new MWK member (knitmaniac) just told me that these knitting wools give good definition to the design.

The price was very reasonable. For the wools, the shade card and the postage it came to GBP 36.30 which is NZ$98.91 (card NZ$13, postage NZ$20). The postage was less than for postage for the wool I was considering purchasing from Canada.

The shade card is really great. It has 1 ply Cobweb, 2 ply lace weight and 3 ply jumper weight. Included are pictures of patterns that can be purchased; these include both lace, shawls and jumpers.

I apologise that I can’t remember who first told me about the Jamieson & Smith website but thanks to you. Also, thanks Kerry for telling me about your positive experiences with them. The people at J&S are very nice on the phone and the service was quick; my problem was that I ordered just before the 4 day holiday.

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