Help for novices.

help with a pattern

Hey all,
So I am reaching out because I am having a hard time reading this pattern. This is the first time for one of my projects to follow any form of a pattern. I am attempting to make the mens slippers but am getting very confused with the notes at the end of the pattern. I attached a second pattern that had a little more past the adjustments for the men's pattern.



ideas for my nephew please

My mom knitted all the time when we kids were young, and one winter we nagged her to teach us. My brothers and I knitted for years, I have done some as an adult but it's been a long time. I have a nephew in his mid-20's who was diagnosed with schizophrenia some years ago. He lives in a small town where there is little for him to do. He's under county guardianship and on meds but occasionally gets into trouble if he has a few beers (starts obsessing, panic attacks, delusions, ends up in hospital).


Beginner's Knitting Course 2.0 now online

The new and improved Beginner's Knitting Course is now online! Thanks to so many of you for the input and suggestions on the first incarnation. I have incorporated as many of them as I could. I hope the result is pleasing, and a fitting tribute to the beginnings of our small knitting "tribe." Not perfect yet, but that suits me fine.


It's finally here!

​​I told you I was planning something for the new yea​r, and several people have been asking me about it​​. Well, here it is. I'​m excited to have finally taken the first step, but I haven't done this before, so I need some feedback on how well it's starting.


am i ass-u-m[e]ing too much?

is there a style of knitting, whether on regular needles, or DPNs, or circs, that lets you avoid purling, by turning the needles somehow? maybe by using dpn's and sliding the stitches to the opposite end of your needle and turning your work, etc?

i'm thinking something where if the pattern says:
knit 5, purl 10, knit 5, slip 2 purlwise

you could instead just:


hybrid fingertipless gloves/mittens...?

hi all... looking for a pattern for a hybrid style of gloves... i saw 2 patterns on ravelry that are similar to my brain's vision ( and but still not quite... i'd like sort of a combo of those 2 - fingertipless thumb and full-size fingertipless index. and then middle/ring/pinkie fingers together in a mitten-style area.


10-Stitch Blanket but 0-Stitch Brains...

Has anybody attempted/finished a 10-stitch blanket such as ? I've tried and frogged 4 times now. I can't get past the corner stuff. It's either too many instructions, or too many new concepts for a newbie, or I'm missing something, or whatever. I've tried looking for a video of it being made, to no avail. My next step is child slave labor.


help with a freestyle "yarnover/knit 2 together" pattern...

using size 8 circulars and 3-ply sayelle (acrylic) parisienne DK yarn from mary maxim. cast on 150, joined in the round for a cowl/neck warmer. now, trying to do a pattern of:

* knit 1, yarn over once, knit 2 together once
knit 2, yarn over twice, knit 2 together twice
knit 3, yarn over 3 times, knit 2 together 3 times
repeat from *...